Why Breast Size Increase Suddenly: Reasons to change your breast Size

It is quite natural to experience several changes in the breast size throughout all stages of life. Many women experience that their breast size is increased suddenly and they don’t have any idea Why Breast Size Increase Suddenly. Sometimes people can not find changes in breast size but when they buy new lingeries they can see their breast size is increased.

Sometimes even minor changes in the diets could be a reason and gain in weight can be another reason because breasts are made up of fatty cells. And also Pregnancy can be the reason for the increased size in most of the cases. Hence it is important for you that, you know your real breast size. You can use this accurate bra size calculator to find your measurements.

These changes could cause concern and many women as some women are comfortable having smaller size wheres some women crave to won a bigger size. So if you worried about the sudden changes during any face of life then here are some common factors that could cause those changes.

Hormonal Changes


After the day of ovulation, your breasts become tender and fuller due to estrogen and progesterone. This happens because blood circulation to the breast area is on higher level. Sometimes water retention could also make them look bigger than normal periods. After the periods over, if the size doesn’t back to normal then you have to consult a gynecologist.


It is quite natural to experience a feeling of heaviness in the size of the breasts during pregnancy. Most of the hormones are pumping more blood into the tissues. Some women experience soreness, tingling sensation and mild swelling during pregnancy. In some women, the growth continues until the final phase of pregnancy.


At the time of puberty, estrogen hormone makes lots of changes in the body. In some girls, the change is gradual whereas in others the swift changes could cause a bit of concern but it is normal to experience increased size during the phase.

Sexual intercourse

In some women, the size increased only during intercourse. Because during intercourse the heart rate and blood pressure increase at the time of lovemaking. Veins become evident and breasts could swell giving the impression of increased size.


After delivery, prolactin hormone indicates the mammary glands to produce milk in your breasts. When women touching their babies, baby crying and talking about their babies, breasts size swelled because of prolactin hormone which helps to produce milk in women.

Contraceptive pills

Usage of birth control pills also a reason to increase the breast size in women. Certain ingredients in contraceptive pills may lead to increase the breast size. Those pills contain estrogen and could cause a slight increase in the breast size.



After menopause, if the size of the breast is increased it could be due to fatty tissue. Glandular tissue may help to decrease the breast size and fatty tissue are increased that’s why breasts look bigger than normal.

Breast Disease

There are lots of breast disease occurs due to changes in the size of the breasts. These changes happened because of inflammation, weight loss or gain, loss or gain of fat content in breasts, Pus build-up, growths formation etc. Here we have listed out some breast disease which may occur due to these reasons:

  • Benign breast tumors
  • Breast cancer
  • Mastitis (breast infection)
  • Breast cyst

Other Reasons

Weight gain

In some women weight gain could alter the size of the breasts. Breast tissues contain fat tissue along with lobules and ducts. So, If the fat increases then it could be possible to the variation in the breast size. And when you lose weight the size could again decrease.

Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and Smoking may also lead to breast cancer. The alcohol affects hormones level which can cause to increase the breast size. Consuming too much alcohol and Smoking may also be a reason to gain weight which may lead to breast size increase.


Apart from the birth control pills, some other medications may affect the breast size. Pills like antipsychotics and antidepressants are used to treat bipolar diseases. These drugs increase the level of prolactin hormone which leads to leaking milk from the breasts whether you are pregnant or not.

Breast lumps

If you notice changes in the breast size and also feel the presence of lumps inside the tissue then you may need to visit a doctor once. In many cases, these lumps are not serious but if you notice that these are painful then it could indicate something serious and you need to visit the doctor.

When to see a doctor

If you notice any change your breast size or a new lump or change in shape then you should visit a doctor. When you spot any kind of redness, inflammation, tenderness, nipple discharge, changes in nipple appearance, bleeding or bug bite mark then consult your doctor because it can be converted into cancer or tumors.

If you found any kind of symptoms which is related to breast cancer then immediately contact your doctor. Some of the breast cancer symptoms are:

  • Discharge from your nipple which is not milk
  • swelling in your breast
  • irritated skin of your breast
  • pain in your nipple
  • your nipple turning inward


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