Biotin is known as a B-Complex Vitamin or it is also known as Vitamin H. Biotin helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. Biotin also helps to synthesize fatty acids and as we know fatty acids are essential for our skin and different parts of our body but specifically for our skin which is made up of fatty acids.

Basically, what biotin does that, It helps to synthesize amino acids and fatty acids which are essential for our skin and our hair because amino acids have pretty much proteins. Biotin is a part of a coenzyme that is required for fat, sugar or protein synthesis in our body.

So, if there is a deficiency in biotin there will be brittle nails, brittle hair, you find hair fall, very dry irritated skin. These are complaints that people have with their GP or Doctor.

To get biotin, people do not necessarily have to take supplements. You can get biotin from the wide variety of Foods like almonds, whole grains, eggs, sardines, pecan, dried fruits, cucumber, oats, strawberries, cauliflower, cow milk, and brewer’s yeast etc. If you already maintain a pretty healthy diet then you don’t necessarily need to take biotin because you can get pretty much biotin from your daily diet.

However, if you do want to give your body an extra boost of those benefits of biotin like hair growth, strengthen nails etc. then you can take daily supplements that come into play. Here we have taken you to the major Biotin Side Effects which may affect your body and make your situation really worse.

List of Top13 Harmful Side Effects of Biotin


Excess use of Biotin Supplements can cause cystic acne on your chin and jawline which is highly unusual for you. Vitamin H produces sebum in the skin which leads to dirt accumulation and ruptures. When biotin dosage is stopped or biotin is cleansed from our body these acne will be gone.

People have to consume a low dosage of biotin which is 2500 mcg or less each day to prevent yourself from acne. While taking supplements of biotin drink lots of water to cleanse of the access biotin from your body which reduces the risk of acne.

Allergic Reactions

People can also have some allergic reactions after using biotin supplements in daily routine. These reactions have not seen in every individual but some of them may suffer from it.

People can suffer from nausea, swelling of face and throat, skin rashes, tightness, or chest pain. If people may suffer from any of these allergic reactions or notice any kind of symptoms of these reactions then they immediately have to consult a Doctor.

Risk of Miscarriage During Pregnancy  

Using Biotin during pregnancy can be dangerous for pregnant women. Women who carry a baby have to avoid consuming heavy doses of biotins because it increases the risk of miscarriage. Pregnant women should have to take advice from a doctor or from their gynecologist before taking biotin supplements.

Skin Rash

Another negative side effects of biotin which are skin rashes. Due to too much biotin in the system blood vessels become inflamed and cause severe skin rashes. Inflammation of blood vessels happens because the immune system views the biotin as a foreign substance.

Urine flow

As per many reports, Too much dosage of biotin may increase the urination activity. People can suffer from excess urination and also have too much sweating while consumption of biotin in a heavy dose.


Diarrhea is also one of the side effects of biotin supplements. Heavy doses of biotin may cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. People who are experiencing these problems should have to stop consuming biotin supplements and drink plenty of water to cleanse out the effect of biotin doses.


Upset Stomach

High doses of biotin can upset your digestion system. It may happen that some people notice an upset stomach while using biotin in their daily routine. It also includes infections like nausea, cramping, and diarrhea etc. If people experience this kind of problems then they have to stop consuming the biotin supplements.


When taking biotin supplements initially some people experiencing mild nausea. Rather than this side effect has gone away timely. If people experiencing excessive nausea then they should have to stop taking supplements or consulting a doctor.

Increased Blood Sugar or Glucose Levels

People who have diabetes or have high blood sugar levels are not advised to take biotin supplements because it produces sugar or glucose and fatty acids in your body which can be dangerous for a diabetic patient.

If you still want to consume biotin supplements then must consult a doctor before taking it.

Interactions With Drug

Biotin supplements are negatively reacted to the anti-seizure and diabetes medications. When people using heavy dose of biotin then these medicines will less effective of your body and may impact your major disease.

Acute Respiratory Problems

Individuals consuming high dosage of biotin supplement may also suffer from acute respiratory problems or anaphylaxis. If you notice any kind of symptoms of these problems then immediately consult your General Physician.

Skewed Lab Results

While usage of the higher dosage of biotin supplements it might happen that lowering thyroid hormone and lab values like cardiac troponins. cardiac troponins help to diagnose a heart attack in every individual.

That’s why it is very important to start any supplements(either it is a blood increasing supplement) or medicine with the advice of a medical practitioner.

Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion

It is founded in a medical case that Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion condition developed in women who have taking biotin supplements with the vitamin B5. In this condition, blood and air are entered in the pleural cavity space around the lungs which causes pulmonary infection. And this pulmonary infection leads to a dangerous situation.

At the End

If you want long hairs, strengthen your nails and improve your skin then it is recommended to use biotin but in a limited amount.

I hope this article will be helpful and gives you a little bit more information about biotin and its side effects. If you guys have any questions then please ask them down in the comment box and we will answer it. If you found any other side effects of biotin apart from these then share with us by commenting below.



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