Most Common Problems of Adolescence and Solutions

What is Adolescence

Adolescence is the period of maturity and change which will be happened in physical, sexual, social and emotional ways. It is the age when children adopt bad and abusive habits which lead to unhealthy adult lifestyle. Kids face lots of problems in this period such as stress, obesity, acne, abnormal menstrual cycle etc.

During this period, Teens also have some common Behavior issues which are impossible to tolerate by their parents. That’s why we have taken you to some common Adolescence issues & problems and their solution to help or come out your kids and adults from these issues.

Common Adolescence Problems: How to Deal

Adolescence is a very difficult and adaptable stage for kids. Parents have to be alert and aware of their kid’s behaviors and activities which they are doing in their daily routine and also be ready to face or deal with. We have listed out some Common Adolescence Problems and solutions which will be helpful for you to deal with the situations.

Physical Problems

Changes occur at the age of Adolescence in both girls and boys are listed here with their solution:

In Girls and Women

Breast development

Breast development is the starting phase of teenage. It can be an awkward feeling for girls in the beginning. Girls may be stressed out about their figure and feel conscious.

Menstrual(Period) Cycle Starts

At the age of puberty, Girls starts their menstruation or periods. They may feel irritating and tensed during the menstruation days and also facing pain in their back and stomach.

In Boys or Men

Change in voice

During adolescence, Changes in voice takes place which is the most prominent change. Voice of boys become heavy when they grow older.

Facial hair appeared

Boys may notice some hairs on their chin and face which is a sign of maturity. And it turns into beared when they takes step into adult age.

Muscle Gain

Boys gain Muscle which leads to weight gain at the age of puberty which is the most well-known change in the body.

In Boys and Girls Both


At the age of teenage, Boys and girls may develop acne on her face. Pimples are the sign of the maturity and growth in body texture.

Pubic Hair Growth

Boys and girls also develop pubic hairs which are found in the genital area of the adolescent. Its a sign of changes in the teenager’s hormone levels.

Body Odor

When boys and girls take step into their age of maturity they feel that their Body Odor has been changed. It is a very common Adolescence issue which has to face by teenagers.


You can help your child about these uneasy situations by aware them about teenagers body and hormone changes.

  • Tell them that it is normal changes which are needed to your body and everyone has to face it at that time.
  • Ask them to adopt these changes and help them to acknowledge these changes.
  • Always ask them to stay healthy and fit and take healthy & diet and perform regular exercises.

Emotional problems

As we know hormonal changes affect our body and mind both. That’s why emotional changes are normal during puberty.


In Girls and Women


As we all know Girls are over emotional for every sensual moment. And they started crying if they got hurt. But at the age of puberty, they started becoming over emotional for every kind of serious situation.

In Boys and Girls Both


Teenage is the age between childhood and adulthood that’s why teenagers are sometimes being confused in decision making and their responsibilities. As growing adults, they learn and buildup their skills to upgrade themselves.

Mood swings

Boys and Girls both of them have this common problem of mood swings at their teenage. It’s because of the changing of hormones and body postures.

Become over emotional

Teenage boys and girls are too much emotional at the age of puberty. They feel over emotional about anything and everything like too much happy, excited, mad or angry.


There are lots of bodily changes occur during puberty which leads to self-consciousness. You should have to aware of these changes in your kids and notice it.

Sexual feelings

At the age of puberty, Feeling of Sex and intimation are common in youngsters. They have thoughts in their mind about the sex which turns into guilt.

Develop Feelings of inferiority

Lots of Boys and Girls may develop Feelings of inferiority or superiority at the age of teenage.


Puberty is an emotional phase of life which is normal for everyone. We have taken you to the solution of some common problems of adolescence in your kids and how you can deal with it.

  • Always ask them to keep yourself healthy and take care of yourself also. Ask your kids that it is normal for everyone and everyone has to go with this phase.
  • Try to motivate them about the exercises which keep serotonin hormones level increases.
  • Always listen to them first without any judgment and if they are not ready to do that then do not force them and also try to avoid to give them any kind of advice.
  • You can share your phase of puberty experience and also tell them about any elder sibling who has gone through with all these problems.
  • Divert their mind in any other creative activity which they like to do.

Behavioral changes

Emotional problems can also lead to Behavioral changes. It can be dangerous for your kids, for you and also for others.  Mostly it will be gone after taking step into adult phase means it will stay as it is until their adolescence.

In Boys or Men

Raging hormones

In boys, Raging hormones divert their minds towards physical confrontations. Teenage boys diversion towards music also at the puberty stage.

In Boys and Girls Both

  • At the age of Adolescence, Kids wants their own privacy and independence and also starts arguing with their parents if they fail to fulfill their need or restrict them to do anything.
  • Adolescence age brings Significant developmental change in the kids brain which makes them moody, tired and difficult to make decisions.
  • After finding their own space or independence, teens want to take their own decisions and try new things by taking risks without even thinking of losses.
  • After facing lots of pressure, Kids may develop some unusual or bad habits and addictions which can be hard to deal with.
  • Changing in dressing sense, fashion sense, hairstyle which is not approved by their parents.
  • Kids also like to play and hang out with those kids who had opted bad habits and your kids also starts adopting their lifestyle.
  • At the age of Adolescence, kids start lying with their parents to avoid confrontation which is a common behavioral issue in teenagers.


  • Due to these Behavioral changes and issues, Parents life becomes difficult. But they have to be normal and have some patience because it is a passing phase.
  • To deal with these issues parents have to gain the trust of their kids and also talk with them. Parents have to be calm and listen to them what they want to say without any judgment. Do not force or criticize them because it will make the situation worse.
  • Parents have to ensure them that you love them very much as they are and also ask them that you are with them at any kind of situation. Always motivate them to do not hide anything or lie with you.
  • Keep in mind that your teenage child does not have the understanding of dealing with all these Behavioral changes and issues and they want your support. You have to ensure them that, whether is the situation or either they are feeling sad, angry, jealous, etc., you are always ready to help him and provide solutions to come out of these unusual feelings and emotions.
  • Parents have to ensure about their kid’s company and if they notice that they are falling into the bad company then you have to interfere and handle them carefully. Because it is the phase when your kids become too much sensitive and cannot handle criticism as well.

Bad and Abuse Habits

Teenage is the age in which kids are easy to mold towards any bad situation or habits. Bad and Abuse Habits is the biggest problem at the age of Adolescence and it’s very difficult for the parents to deal with these habits.

In Boys and Girls Both

  • Peer pressure is the biggest reason to develop bad habits in teenagers. adolescents have the habit of compete and that’s why Peers or friends compete and tease each other to not performing smoking and drinking or to do drugs.
  • Teenagers are ready to risks without even thinking and start to try smoking or drinking even they are underage and are not allowed to take it.
  • Adolescents start bad habits as a thrill and become a habit after some time if they are doing it continuously.
  • Family members can also be a reason to adopt bad habits in Teenagers if some of your family members smoke or drink at home.
  • Teenagers also want to show that they are cool to their friends which push them towards smoke or drink. Poor self-importance can also lead to bad habits.
  • Easily available materials such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and anabolic steroids improve the curiosity to try them and lead to daily habits of these illegal materials.


  • Always notice your kids behavior such as irregular activities and changes int heir hunger, sleep patterns, emotion and moods.
  • Parents do not have to accuse their children of any bad habits and do not let him realize that you are spying on them. Ask him to be honest and motivate him to speak about all the situation and problems. You have to ensure your child that you are concerned for them and solve their problems.
  • When your child unable to talk to you about their emotions and habits then you can take the help of the doctors. Doctors ask suspicious questions to come out the truth about the habits abusing substances. Parents have to make sure that does not go for the drug test because it can confrontational and threaten the kid.
  • Parents can opt for appropriate treatment if it is required and there is no other choice to come out from bad habits.

Wrapping Up

Parents have to keep in mind that they also have been gone through from this stage of emotions or puberty. That’s why you have to be calm, empathetic and need some patience. Always try to understand your kid’s feelings and emotions which helps you to deal with these Adolescence Problems.

If you notice any another kind of changes in your kids and adults then you can share it with us by commenting below and we will get the solution to that problem.



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