13 Home Remedies and Natural Treatment Of Shingles

Shingles is an inflammation, that causes rashes and burning sensations. The usually occurs in one side of the body, it occurs in small patches, mostly on the trunk, buttocks and on face.

If you are struggling from shingles then don’t have to worry we will provide you some simple natural remedies that you can try at your home. Shingles natural treatment is the best ways that you can take to cure shingles fast.

It is very important to start curing your condition immediately with the best shingles home remedies naturally. We know that in a natural approach to curing shingles such as using chemical lotions or drugs can eliminate from the body.

There are lots of natural treatments available to treat shingles which you can use to start curing shingles. The best thing that you can do is to begin implementing many home remedies in natural ways. So, your body could be worked and remove the virus from your body immediately.

What causes Shingles

It is not shocking if you got a virus of shingles. Shingle infection caused by zoster virus. Shingles began as chicken pox, which is most often experienced by young children but adults also may get the shingles virus. These viruses can appear again in the next phase of your life as the painful rash which is called shingles.

At first, it belongs to the body as chickenpox virus(varicella), usually through the mouth or nose and then attached to the body cells quickly and started spreading.

Natural Treatment Of Shingles

Here is the list of some natural home remedies treatment for shingles that you can begin using right away!

Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal Bath is one of the natural remedies for shingles which is most useful. Bathing is a great way because it makes you can soak all your body in the water. By adding and mixing oatmeal with good quality into the bathtub, it may stop the burning, itching, pain and has a blisters recovery effect.

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves can also be used as a Shingles HomeRemedies that is very healful. You can find neem leaf in health food stores nearby your home. Add a little of them for warm bath are sufficient, mix it and enjoy the recovery effects are added.


As you know, Honey is one of the foods which has many properties and benefits for our body, for that reason we have selected. Especially because within its properties we can find that it is a great antibacterial also an ideal anti-inflammatory to eliminate the blisters.

Before applying the Honey, make sure to have a clean affected area. Just apply the honey on the affected area of blisters and leave it for a few moments. This will recover and assist you with the pain, burning, and itching.


This is a very simple remedy, Make a paste of 5 to 6 Garlic cloves and apply it on the affected area and leave it for 5 minutes.  After that, wash it with warm water. Do this several times a day for 1 or 2 weeks.

Cold Water

Take a Towel or Cloth and dip into the cold water. Wring the water out and then apply the compress on the affected area. Do this several times a week.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a Cloth and dip it into the Apple Cider Vinegar and apply it on the affected area. Then take the hot water bottle and place it on the affected area and apply the heat for instant relief.

Tea Tree Oil

Use a rather large piece that is soaked with the tea tree oil, pass it with smooth movements throughout the area where you have herpes and shingles. Do this at least 4 times a day.

The Tronjil

Due to its high content of polyphenols, it becomes a very effective and potent plant. It has a soothing analgesic and antispasmodic effect that’s why you will significantly reduce symptoms of shingles.

Prepare a mixture with this herb and let it be warm. Do not apply this mixture when it is hot. Apply this infusion directly with cotton in the affected area at least 4 times a day. In addition, to apply it, you should also drink it because if you have a fever it will fight with.

Cat’s Claw

Another of the best medicinal plants with which human beings can count, it is not only advisable to use it in pregnant women but also used to treat Shingles. It is a powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory, It is prepared in infusion as well as the tronjil, you have to let it warm and apply it directly in the affected area at least 4 times a day.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which help to heal shingles. Take some coconut oil and warm it. Apply this warm coconut oil on the blisters. Repeat this process after some hours until you noticed an improvement.


Cayenne is a pain reliever or pain killer. When it is applied to the skin it feels relieved. Apply cayenne salve directly on the affected area at least 2 times a day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural treatment which helps to reduce itching and pain. Because of its healing properties, it becomes an excellent home remedy which helps to soothe the skin.

Take 3 leaves of aloe vera and peep out the gel by cutting it lengthwise. Apply this gel directly on the affected area of blisters. Leave aloe vera gel for at least 30 minutes and then wash it. Repeat this process two or three times daily.


Listerine is a very popular remedy due to its antiseptic agent which helps to treat shingles. Apply Listerine on the affected area of the skin and repeat it 3 times for a  week.

Wrapping Up

Try these home treatments of shingles. It’s very important to maintain gentleness of skin that is infected when it is experiencing spots and blisters. Of course, you do not want all the blisters or spots are to become a scar or much worse. It is recommended to use a combination of effective natural remedies to cure shingles fastest and safest treatment of shingles.



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