Mar 8th, 2019

Miniature Collie : History, Temperament, Health, Colors, Size

Miniature Collie is a fun loving and gorgeous breed of a dog. They are not actually Collies and highly energetic & supposed that most faithful breed of all dogs. Sometimes they behave very strangely with unknown persons and feel more shy with strangers.

Miniature Collie does not want to react with strangers. They have long hairs or fur which covers its undercoat and it needs daily cleaning. These dogs have long coats and small stature that why it’s not possible to keep them in touch of outdoor elements and must keep them inside.

Miniature Collie At Home

When people are talking miniature collies that means they want Shetland sheepdogs. This breed is just look like a small collie. This breed originated from Collie and find on the harsh Shetland Islands which is the same origination place of small ponies. If you want to have this breed at your own house then you should have to know some little things about them which are in this article.


Miniature Collie commonly called as Shelties are 13 and 16 inches from the shoulders as they grow mature or older. This breed weight ranges between 14 to 27 pounds and males are almost larger than females. Miniature Collie has long and straight hair outside the body and has a double coat and in the undercoat has fur which is short.

Miniature Collie has the hairy feather on their legs and has lots of hair on tail. Miniature Collie descents in different colors like black, sable, golden, dark brown, blue merle and also the last color bluish-silver color. This breed also consists of white or tan in the coats.


Miniature Collie is very fast and agile as compare to herding dog like Bred. You cannot have sheep in your backyard or at your home because of its a weakness of this breed. This breed energy can be equal too by playing sports with them like dog agility or flyball.

Miniature Collie is Loyal, smart and loving but they feel shy in front of unknown people or strangers. These are good for singles and couples but they are very sensitive sometimes for families who have young children. Older children should have to learn how to approach and handle them carefully which is good for them. Some Miniature Collie dogs barks very much but they are good as guard dogs.

Miniature Collie Temperament


Miniature Collie does not suffer from any kind of genetic diseases or conditions but those breeds who are pure Collie may have some hereditary illness or diseases. Miniature Collie is inclined to eye problems as like their other breed collie cousins.

Miniature Collie dog may also have to experience displaced kneecaps which are called as luxating patella. If this type of health issue occurs then surgery is an only option or treatment. These dogs are inclined to weight problems also so that do not feed too much to them. Miniature Collie is also hypersensitive with common canine medication and heartworm prevention drugs like their other collie breeds. For this situation, you can consult a Vet and get proper medication for your dog.


Miniature Collie needs a lot of exercises because of they prone to lots of weight problems. They are living with you happily at your home but they still need some exercises and walks. If you are a couch potato type person then do not prefer this breed and it can’t be your great partner.

Miniature Collie can be your great friend if you like long walks and runs on a daily basis. Daily exercises and walks keep your dog weight at a normal level which needs to prevent them from overweight problems. With lots of love, proper feeding, Vet care, and exercises can grow your Miniature Collie at 12 to 15 years.

Miniature Collie Child

Things You Didn’t Know about the Miniature Collie

Not really Mini Collies

Miniature Collies are not an actually collies. These are also called as Shelties & smaller in size and actually are a Shetland Sheepdogs which are descendants of the Border Collies found in Scotland. Border Collies are bred with other breeds like smaller purebred dogs which result in smaller dog. It happens when Border Collies were sent to the Shetland Islands and do that bred experiment results in a smaller dog Miniature Collies which is smaller than their cousin Border Collie.

Their original purpose

Miniature Collie have actually bred to lookout the farm yielding and prevent the crops from a large group of animals. They are small but has lots of energy running in the farm with the farmers and keep looking out the crops in a proper manner. These breeds are very tough & do not tired easily and also very loyal dogs for their partners. Miniature Collie bark too much, in fact, they love barking and also known as big barkers. And it’s a positive feature in these dogs which helps farmers to keep control large group of animals.

Miniature Collie Looks

Excellent athletes

These dogs are very loving, smart, agile, fast, easy to train and loyal but very shy with strangers. They are excellent in sports and all of these qualities make these dogs and awesome athletes. Miniature Collie can be trained in any kind of area and are highly trainable dogs. Some Miniature Collie dogs are easy to train in specific area and tasks not in all.

How are Mini Collies with children?

Mini Collies get nervous around the kids and children and are no the best breed for children. Generally, they are very loving dogs but in the matter of kids, they feel nervous. Mini Collies behave very nicely with children when they socialized at a very young age and teach them how to behave, tolerate, and interact with children.

When Miniature Collies grows with kids from puppyhood and controlled or monitored when nearby kids then they behave well with children. But children should also have to know how to treat dogs and behave well with them. Kids have to keep in mind that do not tease then by pulling tails, ears, hitting, screaming, and other behaviors which may lead to aggression or nervousness in Mini Collies.

No couch potato

Miniature Collie can live in small places because it is a small breed dog. They can live with you happily at your home or in your apartment. But if your a couch potato type person then do not prefer this breed and it can’t be your great partner. Because Miniature Collie does not like that lying their content around on the couch all day. But if you love to perform exercises, long walks, play Frisbee and runs on a daily basis then this breed is a great companion for you. This breed like to do various jobs and tasks which include some sort of exercises, walking and running. Daily exercises and walks keep your mini Collie weight at a normal level and stay fit, happy, and healthy.

Miniature Collie Grooming

A healthy breed

Miniature Collie is a healthy breed as compared to other breed dogs. All other breed dogs have many risks of developing health diseases and problems. Miniature Collie also has some riks of health problems with the eyes and displaced kneecaps which is called as luxating patella. Miniature Collie is also hypersensitive with common canine drugs and heartworm prevention medications like their other collie breeds.

Colors of the breed

Miniature Collie exists in different colors like sable, golden to dark brown, black, and blue merle. Blue merle is the color which is hardly found as compared to other colors and this color appear as bluish-silver color. All varieties of Miniature Collie have some white in their coat.

Miniature Collie Lifespan

Difference Between a Collie & a Sheltie?

These dogs are very loving dogs and may look similar. Almost People confused between both of these breeds but these breeds are totally different. Rough collies and Shetland sheepdogs both are two different breeds by their temperament, and characteristics and both of them have their own history. Both of them are different in size and collies shorter & flatter coat than shelties. Rough and smooth collies both have size and temperament.


Shetland sheepdogs named on the name of Shetland, the Scottish archipelago. This breed originated in Shetland in the 1800s. Whereas Collies also originated in Scotland by American Kennel Club in 1885. Sheltie relates with a rough collie and also their roots in the island of Shetland, Scotland. In that island border collie cross breed with Icelandic yakkin which results shelties. Shelties have the energy to prevent from small livestock same as Collies.

Miniature Collie Size


Shelties are smaller than collies. Shelties shoulder height is 13 to 16 inches tall and weight ranges in between 20 to 25 pounds. Whereas Collie shoulder height is about 26 inches and weight ranges between 60 to 75 pounds. The collie muzzle breed is also taller than the Shelties. Shelties and collies have full, lush outer coat over a thick undercoat. These both breeds have the same colors and also can be sable, tri-color and blue merle. Collies also have the color marking with white color.

Health and Lifespan

Shelties average lifespan is 12 to 14 years whereas a collies lifespan is 8 to 12 years. Both of the breeds are healthy breeds bout may have developed some hereditary health issues. They may develop eye problems, displaced kneecaps, seizures and hip dysplasia. Collie may have gastric torsion disease and shelties may develop hypothyroidism. Both of these breeds are hypersensitive with ivermectin in medications.


Miniature Collie is 22 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder and has weight between 48 and 72 pounds which makes them a larger dog. This breed has a lean and graceful figure even if he has a full coat. Rough Collie has fur on his body and small fur on their head and legs. Collie mane and chest looks soft and their outer coat is rough if it touches whereas his undercoat is very soft and tight. Smooth collie has the same look but their coat is averse to change and growing a small coat overall years.

Shelties are very smaller as compared to Collie. They are 13 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder and weight is around 25 pounds. They have a similar appearance rough collies by the double coat and coloring only except the size.

Miniature Collie Colors


Both of the breeds rough collie and the shelties needs daily grooming to sustain their long coats. In the spring and fall seasons, They will cover up their undercoats. So you have to do some extra efforts and time in brushing and giving more time to the vacuum cleaner to cleans their hairs or furs.

Wrapping Up

Whether you any kind of breed a collie or a sheltie it’s very important to know about them to provide them the best possible care and medications if they needed. Both of the breeds differ in size, characteristics, and temperament but both of them are a great companion and guards for you.

Hope you will find this article beneficial for you. If you know any other things about Miniature Collie then share it with us by commenting below. You can also comment if you have any query related to this article.

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