Food List For Diabetic Diet:Healthy Diet Tips

Diet is the common effort a diabetic patient has to do. But what should he consider in his daily diet? Here we have enlisted a food list for a diabetic diet.

When we talk about the diabetes diet food list we are getting three points. Eating healthy is tasty and delicious too. For that, you need to consider the percentage of the food you need to eat at a time. However, the food list we have provided below will help you to regulate your daily calorie requirement without losing control on blood sugar level.

 Best food for diabetes diet list

The diabetes patients need to focus on diet adding some protein, high-fibre, protein, and mineral. Maintain a healthy weight is important for our life. The patient needs to control blood sugar levels. food list of the diabetic patient needs to the proper diet in a proper way

1. Quinoa

It’s the most delicious food when we are too hungry. It controls the blood sugar level and its superb source of lysine its take when we are in those diseases patient heart diseases, diabetes and several cancers including liver and the skin. It is a good iron source and also the best source of minerals. It’s cooked easily firstly you can remove saponins quinoa with water and take which type of recipe you want to take like rice and other sources of the recipe.

quina diabietics diet food


 2. Fruits

Fruits are a good source of food and all types of diet they need to maintain fat. These source lots of varieties but avoiding some fruits like watermelon, mango .if we take the valid quantity then some fruits list which ignores if we take a large it’s dangerous for our health if we take in a valid quantity. it’s good for our health like bananas, mango, grapefruit .dried fruits, apple, cherry, avocado, blueberry, berry, kiwi. Its list of fruits too good for diabetes patients.


3. Brown rice

Rice mostly use of lots of recipes but which type of rice variety need to take in diabetes health issue these the most important question for diabetes patient. brown rice reduces the risk of the complication.

brown ric


4. Vegetables

When we talk about which vegetables we eat for good health. We have lots of choices we suffered the diabetes issue related to health. Firstly we want to take green leafy vegetables they contain fibre and lots of beneficial minerals and vitamins. We take vegetables like carrot, kale, peas, cabbage, spinach, eggplant normally 5% of fibre need a basic human nature to absorb in our body .and which type of vegetables we need to ignore like potato, sweet potato, canned vegetables added lots of sodium.




5. Beans

Beans are affordable source to contain the mineral protein and fibre .it stable blood sugar level keep our good health .beans also contain carbohydrates which excellent of diabetes type 1 patient kidney beans, white beans, navy beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, lima beans, these type of beans need to add our diet list .


6. Lentils

We need to take the 30% lentils every day. Lentils are rich sources of fire .lentils protect out health issues and digestion issues. It controls glucose level, cholesterol level, appetite, we eat lentils lots of types. It has high protein.

llentil6 (1)

7. Fatty fish

The major benefit of health when we eat fish we contain fatty acids. Fatty fish are salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, and anchovies. The fatty acids increase your metabolic rate.

These foods have DHA and EPA are a good source of food for sugar blood pressure patients.

fatty fish for diabetic food list

8. YogurtDairy

Yoghurt products have a low glycemic index. In yoghurt and milky product have lactose acid. If diabetic patients take non-fat yoghurt it’s good for the health and digestive system. Yoghurt control blood sugar level and control heart diseases.

Yogurt-Food List For Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Patients- Food list need to ignore

  • Full fat milk or dairy products.
  • Fried oily and spicy food.
  • That food including sees terns like jam, and some canned food.
  • Potatoes.
  • White rice.
  • Flavoured coffee drinks.

unhealthy food avoid -diet list of diabities


The patient of diabetes eats extra calories leads to serious problems like nerve, kidney and heart damage. Diet list is helpful for controlling blood sugar levels and prevent organ damages. If you are diabetic and want to work efficiently in personal and professional life then you must follow the diet control list we have provided.

So, start following a proper diet schedule with a diabetic food list and take your health in your hands. Also, if you have a question related to the topic, please share with us in the comment section.



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