Eye Exercises to Improve Vision: Techniques, Tips, and Excercise

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Because your eyes don’t tolerate hard things like chili, onion, etc. If something gets into our eyes it hurts a lot and water start coming from the eyes. For those who work in IT companies and have to spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, always experience something itchy or heaviness in their heads. Such symptoms should be treated on time. Eye exercises are the solution.

Eye exercise is helpful for all age groups and all professions. But it is most important for those people who work on the computer throughout the day, studying for long hours, or watching television for a long. Such routines damage your eyesight.

By doing some eye exercises you may improve your vision, eliminate headaches. And you do not have to take more time for these eye exercises. Let’s have a look at these eye exercises.

Best Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

We all know how eyes are important for everyone. Exercise is the best method to improve the eye’s vision. It keeps the eyes healthy and also helps in reducing the stress on them.

Weak eye light and eyeglasses will often bother you. It is better to visit the doctor frequently and adopt these remedies while sitting at home, which will increase your eye vision and glasses can also be removed by doing regularly.


Close your eyes and sit quietly and take a deep breath and then rub your palms that they become hot and then put them comfortably on the eyelids. The warmth palms are reaching your eyes and feel your eyes very comfortable. And this exercise also reduces the darkness of the eyes. Repeat it two to three times.


2. Blinking

Keep your eyes open and sit comfortably. And blink your eyes ten times at a rapid pace and then close your eyes. Repeat the same process again and again and rest for 20 seconds. And then slowly keep the focus to your breath. Repeat these exercises five times.



3. Zooming

Another effective eye exercise is zooming. If you make an object zoom for your eyes so as to shift the focus of your vision. Sit on a chair with your warm and outstretched and your thumb up. And draw it closer to your eyes and zooming thumb in focus. Repeat this exercise 2 or 3 times.




Shifting is moving or rotating eyeballs from one place to another place. Look to your leftward corner and then shift your graze gradually in the opposite direction. The eye muscle gets more active and healthy with the spurt of the blood pumped in from the shifting.

Shifting eye exercise to improve eye vision

5. Figure of eight

Sit with legs straight in front of your body with left hand on the left knee. Hold the right fist above the right knee, with a straight elbow and thumb pointing upwards. Keep your head steal and focus your eyes on the thumb. Draw a figure eight with your thumb and keeping the elbow straight at al time. Repeat this process five times both clockwise direction and anticlockwise direction. And then repeat this process with the left thumb.

Figure of eight

5. Sideways viewing eye exercise

Keep your body straight and sit with your feet and then closed your feet and thumbs up and also raise your hand. And after finishing this exercise,  close your eyes and relax.

Sideways viewing eye excercises


6. Front and sideways viewing eye exercise

Sit with your feet. Tie a fist with your left hand but the thumb continues in upward, the place it on the left knee. Keep your head fixed with one position and keep your eyes focused with the left thumb and breathe out. And then, repeat the same process with the right thumb. Close your eyes ad relax.


Front and sideways viewing eye excercise


7.  Near and distance viewing eye exercise

Sit or stand near on open window and keep your hands-on edge. Focus your eyes on the anterior part of the nose for 5 to 10 seconds. Now focus on the distant horizon for a while. Repeat this process ten to twenty times. And then close your eyes and relax.

Near and distance viewing

8. Focus change eye exercise

This exercise works by challenging your focus. It should be done in a seated position.

  • Keep your pointer finger a few inches away from the eye.
  • Focus on your finger
  • Slowly move your finger away from the face and holding your focus
  • Look away for a moment into the distance
  • Focus on your outstretched finger and slowly bring it back toward your eyes.
  • Repeat it three times

Focus change eye excercise

9. Rotate pupils eye exercise

Keep the head steady and look in front. After this, turn the pupils in a clockwise direction. Repeat this process five times at a time and then close the eyes for 30 seconds and relax. You have to do regular this exercise. If you talk to the doctor about this exercise too, they will not refuse you to do it either. This exercise is very beneficial for the eyes.

Rotate pupils

10. Look horizontally

Raize your thumb in front of the eyes. Keep your head steady and look straight. Now move the pupils toward the right thumb and then slowly towards the left thumb. Repeat this process five times and then, close the eyes for a while. Repeat this process again and again.

Look horizontal

11. Rub your eyes

First, rub the eyes from both of your palms from above until the eyes become hot. After heating keeping the eyes covered with plans for a while, stopping this process. Repeat this whole process at least 3 to 5 times in a while. By doing this for a few days, the eyes become healthy. It may also happen that doing this for a few days remove eyeglasses from your eyes.

Rub eyes

12. See italic

First of all, brings the hand to the front while raising the thumb. Move the right hands down towards the right and the left hand towards the head. Now look at your fingers once again and then take a look at the left thumb and have to do this process five times. Then the same process will have to be done in the opposite direction.

See italic


Today, about 45% of the population is suffering from various conditions of the near-vision or farsightedness. Some of the diseases like cataract and glaucoma are caused by infection of bacteria. Apart from this, various diseases are caused due to malfunction of the muscles of the eyes. The main reason for this can be a mental state and emotional stress. Exercise and yoga asana removes various disorders related to the muscles of the eyes such as myopia and distant vision. So, we should do exercise regularly to keep our eye vision best.



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