8 Best Exercises For Men after 40: Improve Metabolism & Testosterone Level

People after the age 40 starts playing with their kids and living with body aches and pains. They lose interest in building muscles and losing the weight. Over the age of 40, people notice that their sexual intercourse capacity starts decreasing. This happens due to lower level of number one hormone in men which is testosterone.

After age 40 often time we notice that the fat increases in our body which are because of our metabolism may decrease and loss of some muscle mass. As we get into at the age of 40, muscles are tougher to grow, testosterone starts to lower and metabolism starts to lower.

Extra belly fat starts to collect around the belly as we get older and level of testosterone hormone decreases. That’s why after the age of 40, men need to focus on building muscle, decreasing fats and increasing the level of testosterone. This happens with help of some great exercises which will help you to increase your metabolism and testosterone level and stay fit and healthy.

Here we have taken you to the 8 best exercises for men after 40 which will help you to improve your sexual intercourse ability & live a healthy and pain-free life.

8 Best Exercises For Men over 40

Dumbbell Chest Press (Flat and Incline)

dumbbell Press variation includes flat and incline and this variation cuts all about helping you build more muscles. Barbells for strength but dumbbells really allows you to build muscle faster a little bit of size a little bit more muscle because you have a greater range of motion. Again press those things right above the eyes to get the best results.

Bent Over Row Variation (Barbell Bo Row – DB Bo Row)

In this Bent Over Row Variation exercise whether you are using the barbell or dumbbell again you have to hitting up the entire back rhomboids lats.

With the dumbbell though you’re gonna go a little bit more on the lower back region but you will still be able to hit the last. Using different variations are key to building that muscle in your back.

Shoulder Press (Seated Press – Alternating Press)

As we all know shoulder press is a great exercise for significant growth depending on the grips and angles that you use. You are gonna hit your interior, posterior and overall shoulder regions. So, whether it’s a neutral grip, Arnold grip, seated or standing you’re gonna get increased joint and movement integrity using these presses.

Squat Variations (Barbell Back Squat – DB Racked Squat)

Another exercise is Squat Variations whether it is a back squat, dumbbell racked squat. whether you are doing front squad or searcher squats its got lower body. So, you will hit the quads, glutes and it’s about keeping those heels on the grounds and blasting up. But as you can see you can use dumbbells and still get similar results using big heavyweights from the back.

Lunge Variations (dumbbell Lunge – Walking Lunge)

Let’s go to another exercise Lunge Variations, any type of lunge variation whether its just standing lunges, walking lunges and alternating forward lunges are great exercises to stay fit after 40. Walking lunge is very good because in this you are not only hitting your quads but also the core trying to stay stable and you are also hitting adductors and abductors.

Shoulder Raise Variations (Side – Front – Upright – Bo Raises)

You don’t have to go light when you use shoulder raise variations because shoulders are very small group of muscles and you don’t want to injure them. To perform this exercise you have to use dumbles and bent over the dumbles then side after that front and last upright rows. When you do upright rows you can only use dumbbells which save the shoulders from injury.

Tricep Press (Strict – Single Arm – Mass Tricep Press)

People can perform this exercise with any tricep press whether it is strict tricep press, single arm tricep press or Mass Tricep Press. Do the work to build triceps which is an amazing spot of the muscle in boys.

You have to focus on one tricep at a time. Firstly you can perform strict tricep press and then single arm tricep press and at last Mass Tricep Press. In Mass Tricep Press, you have to stay strict and lockout at the bottom. You can build some serious mass with these triceps.


Biceps Curl (Strict Curls – Hammer Curls)

In Bicep curls, your shoulder must be rolled back and got to flex to the top of the movement whatever you are performing Strict Curls and Hammer Curls. You have to perform this exercise right and strict way.  

Mistakes Making Men After 40 When Trying To Get Fit

There are some key mistakes that men after 40 could be making and it stunted their progress. Men over 40 years. Before we go to mistakes we want you to know that in our 40s, 50s, and 60s you have to focus on your male hormone and increasing that which is testosterone.

So, here is the thing when we reach the age of 30, our testosterone level decreases naturally 1 to 2 percentage per year which means when we get to 40s, 50s, 60s our testosterone levels already naturally down.

Here we will let you know about 3 deadly men over 40 are making when trying to lose weight and get fit. Let’s get started:

Mistake #1

Following feminizing diets or Restrictive Diets

Diet plans like the paleo diet, the keto diet, Vegetarian diet, low-fat diet, and low card diet does not support your number one hormone which is testosterone. As per Study Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism showed that low-fat diets actually shrink our testosterone.

The reason why testosterone is low, good cholesterol comes from eating healthy fats and cholesterol is a precursor for producing testosterone. So we have to make sure that we follow diets that is focus on increasing the testosterone.

Mistake #2

Catabolic Cardio

People do Catabolic Cardio mistake at the age of 40 when they want to lose weight as fast as possible. They go to the gym and do long steady state cardio. Well, a study in British Journal of Sports medicine shows that men who performed long cardio have scary low testosterone.

When you do long steady state cardio, your cortisol level sometimes rises and cortisol is the enemy of testosterone. Your cortisol levels are high your system levels are low. So you have to ensure that keep your cortisol level low.

Mistake #3

Workout too often with Bro Splits

Exercising too much in the gym especially using Bro Splits workouts will lead you to become more catabolic. Means your molecules and your cells are gonna break down to meet the energy need you have to do in order to perform these workouts days in and day out which will lead to muscle loss.

There is research in Sports Health Journal show that training too hard and too much volume can cause fatigue, insomnia, burnout.

Wrapping UP

These are the eight variations of exercises to help you stay fit and build muscle after 40. You do not need to go to gym to build muscles. You can just use dumbbells but the key is we got to make sure that when we are in 40s 50s 60s we have to build muscles and stay fit and healthy.



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