5 Exercises Every Bicycle Rider Should Do

Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular, low-impact exercise that affords people of all ages the chance to get outside. Biking can cause issues, however, in the neck, back, and various joints over time. When shopping for a bike, look for womens or mens bicycles for sale that fits properly and allows you to maintain good biking posture. If you cycle very often, you should consider doing a few exercises regularly that can help to prevent injury and strain caused by overuse:


To do a plank, simply position your body parallel to the ground in a pushup position or rest your weight on your elbows and hold as long as possible. Planking is especially good for bikers since it reinforces muscles that are rarely engaged outside of biking but commonly engaged while riding a road bike. You should be able to notice a difference in the strength of your midsection after a few weeks of regular planking. Feel free to extend the amount of time you spend on each set as you feel comfortable. If you are older and find it difficult to do core exercises, look for the best bikes for seniors to ensure that your back and core are not being overly strained while riding.


Burpees are among the most efficient bodyweight exercises you can do. In fact, the army uses a variation on burpees to quickly condition new recruits for long marches and power exercises. A burpee is essentially a squat combined with a pushup. Burpees are generally completed in one smooth motion that ends in a jump. This explosive action quickly fatigues both major and minor muscle groups and requires the heart to pump quickly to oxygenate the whole body. While burpees are great for getting in shape, they also strengthen muscle groups that are infrequently used, which can help bikers to avoid injury.



Yoga is an ancient practice that combines breathing with poses that are held for an extended time. Yoga is an intricate art, so a yoga studio is the best place to start practicing. Most forms of yoga are great at improving posture and flexibility. Many practitioners find that, over time, they feel stronger and more balanced. Because certain poses are difficult to hold, yoga teaches those who practice it to maintain a low stress response to physical strain. While many of the benefits of yoga are still being revealed to science, it is certainly a great complement exercise for both beginner and experienced bikers. As proof of this, some yoga studios even feature womens bikes for sale.


For strengthening the legs, few exercises beat lunges. Lunges target the largest muscle groups in the legs, which can result in rapid weight loss and relatively quick progress. Although lunges can be difficult, they are perfect for bikers, who rely on large leg muscle groups to power their rides.

No exercise done alone is enough to comprise an entire exercise regimen. By mixing up your exercise routine, you are diversifying the health effects of your workout. Of course, no strengthening exercise can compensate for an ill-fitting bike, so make sure that your bike fits your body and your intended uses.



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