Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Yoga for Teenagers

Did you know that any kind of problems and diseases will be cured by Yoga

Yes, it is true! Many scientists and devoted yogis proved that Yoga has lots of benefits which can prevent many diseases. Yoga is all about the relationship between the body and minds with the ambiance or environment. Yoga is different from the exercise program. Yes, Exercise provides energy, build muscle and flexibility and it is important for good health. But Yoga also provides the self-confidence and balanced perspective towards life which will last till long life.

As we all know teenagers experience lots of problems these days. Teenage is the age where teens feel lots of unexpected and new changes which can be stressful for them. According to the physiologists, during this age teens confronts severe and vigorous changes in their hormone levels which leads to acne, mood swings, and weight gain or loss and it is also a sign of puberty.

Yoga is the best possible solution to reduce the effects of these side effects. Yoga flushing the lymph system and regain the hormone levels and maintain it. After joining Yoga, teenagers can see improvements itself in their school, home, and personal life.

According to recent research of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, every standard of students can get the benefits of yoga which older yogis getting in ancient times. After the ten days of study, scientists found that high school students participating in yoga during PE class give better results than teenagers in psychological tests screening for depression, anxiety, and mood imbalances. How surprising is that?

We have been motivated form this and that’s why we bring for you the top benefits of Yoga for Teenagers. So, look at reasons to do Yoga more efficiently whether you are a teenager, child, parent, or a sage. Let’s discuss it in brief.

Benefits of Yoga for Teenagers

From the ancient period, Yoga helps to create mind-body connection and positive psychology. It takes parts into reducing stress, rejuvenating senses, and enable a smooth transition. Yoga benefits to cope with a lot of issues and also be focused to the aim. Check out the physical, mental, spiritual, social, educational, and emotional benefits of Yoga for Teenagers.

Physical Benefits


At the age of puberty, body experience many changes and needs more strength to handle these changes. Yoga possesses a connection between body awareness and movement. Some people do not have any idea that there are lots of yoga poses which can help you to build body and physical strength. If Yoga practiced in the correct manner then it can help you to gain muscle strength and build bones. An additional benefit is that it will also help you to build self-confidence in you with the strength in the body.

Flexibility and Mobility

As we all know Yoga improves our way of thinking and perspectives very well. Apart from that, Yoga also helps to increase flexibility and lengthens muscles. It increases the mobility in the joints by lengthening the muscles of our body.


According to the research of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School Students of Yoga scored higher in psychological tests versus students who are involved in PE class. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics also showed that students or teenagers who are participating in Yoga love & enjoy the classes and maturely handle every emotional situation.

Improved Posture

There are lots of Yoga asanas which helps to improve the posture of our body. Teenagers and children have to carry heavy bags that’s why their body transform in hunched over’ posture when they sit or stand. Yoga asanas enable teenagers to regain an upright posture which also helps to boost the spine strength.

Ability to Relax

Generally, Teenagers have to habit to constantly moving everywhere and has lots of energy. Therefore, it’s necessary that students get time to relax and grab new skills and abilities to provide peace to their bodies and minds. Yoga helps them to learn and practice the poses to relax their bodies and also get a very nice sleep overnight.

Rejuvenates Tiredness

Do your teen feels sleepy every time?

It happens because of anxiety and stress. School life is a very stressful period as teenagers have to confront both academic and personal challenges. They should need to relax their minds and prevent over excitement. Yoga helps teenagers to stay alert and they do not feel tired. By doing Yoga they can manage their stress and anxiety in a thoughtful manner.

Improves Breathing And Breath Awareness

Yoga is all about breathing and postures which maintain physical and mental health. Yoga enlightens teenagers pay attention on their breathe to improve mindfulness and breathe from the stomach to get relaxation. Yoga brings focus and reduces stress, fear, and anxiety which allows teenagers to control their emotions and bring self-awareness and self-confidence.

Stability and Balance

Balancing is the key factor of life which helps to handle work, social life, diet and other lifestyle factors. Teenage is the age at which teaching kids about the importance of balance are so much difficult. Yoga helps a lot to do this. It’s not only allows to develop physical balance but also evolve emotional and spiritual balance. As they grow adult they will able to manage more responsibility and balance their lifestyle factors very efficiently.

Equalizes Energy

The most important factor to maintain our daily activities is the energy of our body. Yoga helps to equalize the energy and allows teens to be physically capable of participating and learning every new skill in their upcoming phases of life.


Young teens are always excited to make new friends and usually eager to share something they have learned with their friends. But sometimes it happens that due to lost of stress and anxiety, teens starting to avoid their companions, lose their confidence, be alone and do not share anything with anyone. Yoga helps a lot to overcome these problems and provide peace of mind and healthy physical wellbeing.

Weight Management

At the age teen, Stress and anxiety can be a reason of overeating which leads to weight gain. But sometimes weight gain also occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. Yoga is able to prevent weight gain and other hormonal issues during puberty period.


Mental Benefits

Stress Management

According to various studies teens participating in Yoga can manage their stress and performs well in their academics. School life is pressure-filled time for teens which leads to stress and anxiety. But Yoga can be a great stress buster and reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga is all about the breathing techniques to manage stress and balance the energy all over the body.

Decision Making

Yoga is worth for changing the lives of teens as it helps to change the perspective to make decisions for every situation. After involving in yoga teens make their own decisions and choices and able to handle every stressful situation. And this will be last longer to make decisions about their work, social life, diet, and other lifestyle factors, as they grow older.


Yoga practice helps teens to be focused and remind to make their concentration back over and over. Yoga poses and meditation teaches teens to stay focused on the moment and do not worry about other things. Breathing techniques of Yoga keeps calm teens about their academic stress and exams. Studies report that teens practicing Yoga can do better in their school academics and also improve their behavior.


As we all know A teenage is a phase in which teens can learn lots of skills and activities. Yoga improves the participation and taking risks skills of teens and increase their curiosity to know about everything new they saw or heard.

Deal With Changes

Teenagers have to confront various hormonal and physical changes during puberty. Due to these hormonal changes, they may feel irritated and start to behave awkwardly. Yoga and breathing help them to deal with these changes and teach them to be calm while behaving with anyone.

Expand Attention Span

Yoga allows teens to bring concentration back over and over and to be attentive every time. Yoga teaches how to be attentive for a long time in all areas of life?

Improved Mood And Cognitive Functioning

Yoga has always been a life changer as it reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue and improve mood. Yoga also allows to improve cognitive functioning, performance and sharpness of memory. Every day 20 minute yoga practice can boost the performance of teenagers in their academics & tests and also improve the accuracy and speed.

Boosts Self-Image/Self-Esteem

Yoga basically focuses on self-improvement which leads to healthy self-esteem. As it’s not a competitive exercise so that it can be practiced by anyone. Teens will be self confident which boost their Self-Image. Rather than comparing with other teens, they start to measure progress against their own goals.

Spiritual and Social Benefits


Yoga is all about making connections whether it is internal or external. Internally it connects body and mind with the environment and externally it helps to make connections with our loved ones, friends, family, others and the natural world around us.


Yoga is also helpful to create awareness and develop emotional connections with others and reducing the numbness in the teenagers.


Yoga allows to develop self confidence itself and and boost self-trust via evaluating the internal voice of tennagers.

Community interaction

Yoga is amazing as it can be practiced alone, nevertheless, there are also some communities who provide an encouraging environment for teenagers.  Teenagers can perform Yoga and motivate them to make friends, healthy communication and respect for others in the Yoga classes and communities.

Improve optimism.

As per some studies, Yoga helps to build a sense of optimism. Teenage is the age at which teens looking toward their future and Yoga improve the optimism and boost their senses to make decisions for the future.

Bottom Line

Yoga develops the skills to confront the challenges and helps to build a core asset which is beneficial for body and mind life long for teenagers. Teenagers can also get spiritual benefits of if they practicing yoga as they grow older. When you more practicing Yoga you will get more acceptance and less judgment. Yoga also helps you to be more compassionate for others.

Yoga also beneficial for youth who are at risk, autism, and teens with depression and anxiety and also is a holy grail for coping with stress. So, These are some physical, mental and spiritual benefits which can get by performing Yoga every day.

Do you any teen who get benefits from practicing Yoga? Help them by sharing this article and encourage to live less stressed-out life.

Do you brought Yoga into your kids or teens daily routine. How? Share with us by commenting below. As Yoga impact positive ways and deal with life’s challenges then it should be a subject in high school or should be offered in every school.



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