Crossfit began as an exercise program to help train military forces. Those who do CrossFit say it gives them confidence, helps them sleep better just do everyday tasks such as going up and down, ladders to clean gutters paint or work in the garden. And it’s not about competing with others but it’s about competing with oneself and continuously trying to improve oneself.

What is Crossfit

Classified is a high intensity, Constantly varied, functional movement exercise program that has seen huge growth and popularity around the world. CrossFit is becoming more well known since it began in the United States in 2003. CrossFit is a combination of strength training exercises, endurance nutrition and community.

Basic Principle of Crossfit

  • No standard Cardio Workout
  • No endless hours spent at the gym or the jogging trail.
  • Creates versatile athletes
  • Results include faster weight loss and muscle gain
  • While training much less, sprinters and people conditioned to the burst training can match the cardiovascular benefits and abilities of endurance athletes
  • People who do Heavy lifting can apply more power to perform activities than endurance athletes.

Benefits of CrossFit

  • Burn more fat than steady state cardio and also in less time.
  • Crossfit classes boost motivation, encouragement and instruction.
  • Many CrossFit athletes choose to start following a paleo diet to being stronger, leaner and improve recovery time.
  • Helps you work out more consistently, studies show that these types of shorter and more intense workouts can increase adherence.
  • Makes you ready for any sport, competition or activity. functional movements and workouts to train their muscles, joints, and ligaments which leads to posture, flexibility, strength, balance and better health.

Physical health benefits of CrossFit:

  • Improve Physical performance and body composition
  • Improve Cardiovascular health
  • Increase Insulin sensitivity
  • Maintain Blood pressure
  • Lipid profile
  • Develop Bones
  • Upgraded sleeping patterns
  • Combat specific aging factors in skeletal muscle
  • Reduce diabetes
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities
  • Self-esteem

Crossfit optimizes physical competence in each of recognized fitness domains. They include

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination agility
  • Balance and accuracy

List of Benefits of CrossFit

Weight Loss

People who want to lose weight continuously doing steady-state cardio exercises. They don’t know that high intense exercises burn more fat and lose weight in less time. There are lots of intense exercises which helps to burn calories faster with CrossFit.

Develop stronger and toned muscles

Continuously doing CrossFit training can lead to gain strength and tone in your muscles. When you regularly perform  CrossFit training then after a short period of time you will notice that you have developed stronger and toned muscles. Even you can easily do your daily work activities such as carry the groceries or open the lid of a jar etc.

Decreases Plateau And Breaks Repetition

Crossfit has not been repeated every day, unlike regular exercises. Crossfit have high intensity and variety of exercises. So that you have to switch your routine every day. CrossFit keeps you away from plateauing since your muscles constantly have to work in new ways.

Become Flexible And Agile

In CrossFit, Your body act as exercise equipment and when you perform exercises to listens to your body. It adjusts to the lots of movements and stretches if you perform CrossFit exercises to fit yourself.

Sound heart health

During Crossfit exercise, you need lots of endurance because your heart is continuously elevated which leads to pump more blood in your body. It will allow to carry out more oxygen in the overall body.

Results in less time

There are lots of people who do not have time to perform exercises daily or may feel bored to do this. Crossfit is a best option to lose weight and being fit in less time. You can perform high-intensity exercises to improve your physical and fitness within a short span of time.


Improve Condition and Versatility

Crossfit basically performs to improve physical fitness and performance whether it is doing daily activities in a better way or giving competitions to others. CrossFit athletes perform functional movements to train their muscles, joints, and ligaments which leads to posture, flexibility, strength, balance and better health.

Boost motivation

You can even compete not everyone workouts to train for an event but there is no doubt that a certain amount of competition can help you stay motivated and enthusiastic about your workouts.

Almost every CrossFit box will post everyone’s performance on day’s WOD on a whiteboard whether its how much you lifted, how many rounds you did or how fast you went. If you are not competitive by nature don’t worry its really more to motivate you to do your best and to help your CrossFit coach keep a record of your progress.

However, people who are interested to compete the WOD scores are enough to encourage them to perform a little bit further with each workout. If you want to get out and compete at CrossFit, the sky is the limit.

Community which Supports Eating

Some of CrossFit athletes follow Paleo Diet to become strong, fit and increase recovery time. As we know CrossFit exercises can also give results without any changes in diet but changing eating habits can lead to faster and better results or health benefits. CrossFit athletes can include in their diet meats and proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc.

Crossfit has a social conscience

CrossFit is an ideal program. If you are a social conscience it’s important to you. CrossFit brand has aligned itself very closely with the support of the military. Initially, because the fitness model worked very well for soldiers and training.

CrossFit has turned this into a serious movement through and reached out to a community of veterans to help with post service fitness and rehabilitation. You will soon grow familiar with the Crossfit hero workouts. Each name to honor a fallen soldier and keep their legacy in our hearts.

Workouts like Murph will only challenge you physically. They will give you a reason to stop and take a moment to learn about the workout namesake and to remember an honor their service.

At the End

CrossFit is not meant for every person because it needs lots of physical tolerance. Make sure you have that much level of physical capability and tolerance before performing CrossFit exercises. If you have any query related to CrossFit you can ask with us by commenting below.



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